Random musings

Dear diary,

First of all, hello! It’s really nice to have seen you after such a long time and yes, this year too I have decided to write into you daily. I hope you won’t mind that I left you last year or the year before because this time things are different. My resolve is stronger than ever. Also, since I have always found it hard to confess my own feelings and experiences to you, I have decided I will write about the voice in my head and what it says about the things it sees around it.

Yup! no more “I felt angry when he said this” or “I feel kinda lost right now”. The only thing I will be writing about is the idiosyncratic voice in my head. Shall we start now?

So today’s topic is horror stories. Why you ask? It’s because my latest obsession is watching “The American horror story”. I have finished 3 seasons in as many days. While watching the show, I tried to analyze the story and plot of the series and to compare it with the other horror stories I have read till date.

Most horror stories have a lovable character/family which is placed in a setting unknown to him/them previously. This new setting has a dark past full of suffering and pain. Our naive protagonist(s) have little or no idea about this past and neither do any of the neighbors enlighten them about the same. The story unfolds with random incidents happening to our protagonists who gradually realize the evil befallen them and finally, try to escape. The fate of this escape lies in the hands of the author, who decides its based presumably, on his mood and the feeling he wants to give his novel.Most authors use blood and gore to try and ‘scare’ their readers. But the truly great writers manage to achieve a much stronger impact with the subtle use of suspense and shock. American pyscho and to some extent, The conjuring, are a case in point.Will continue this thread of thought later!.Bbye

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