Brain Not Working

It’s pretty easy to laugh off studies which say that internet browsing, social media, youtube videos etc have reduced our attention spans.There are studies claiming that  modern day people can’t focus on any one topic for more than 5 minutes. All of this seems laughable. Why spend 20 minute reading an article when a 140 character message sums it all up. What’s the point of reading Gatsby when the entire story can be summed up in the following manner:

A young man falls in love with an upper class girl but is unable to attain her.

He becomes rich by illegal means and proceeds to woo the (now unhappily married to someone else) girl.

The girl seems to give in to his love but later retracts after thinking about her family.

The poor guy is murdered and the world goes on living out its farce.

Okay so that may not be the most accurate description of Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece but I am pretty sure most of my friends will accept this version if the alternative is to read the whole novel (side note: Do read it).

The problem with such acceptance of facts is that we become accustomed to consuming information rather than processing it. Logical thinking is thrown out of the window and we accept whatever we see.

Eg: He beat her in chess ==> He beat her(www.XYZcharacterLimitImposed.com)

Worse is the case when the rest of the sentence can’t be seen due to the 140 character limit and users need to click on a url to get the full picture. I guess that in such situations, the highlighted part becomes the whole story.

Anyways, its been more than 5 minutes since I began writing this article and there’s a youtube video just screaming to be seen. My head’s hurting and I can’t seem to be able to stick with anything for too long. Maybe that’s why I wrote such a silly post. Cheers.

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