1 blog a day for 60 days

After 10 more days, I shall be a student no more.

To put it less dramatically, my college gets over in on May 2nd and since, I am in my final year these will be final days in college. A lot of my batch mates are getting nostalgic about the past four years. Those amazing moments we spent together, the fun we all had and that within a few months we will join the corporate rat race (at least most of us will). I have my moments of nostalgia too. If I could, I would have loved to freeze time here and now and stay like this forever. But it isn’t possible.

Apart from the nostalgia, I am increasingly starting to worry about my *future* life. College is over and pretty soon I will become an employee at Walmart. While I am sure I will love the company and the people there, I have always wanted to do a lot of things. Things which I am not sure can be done while working full time. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not going to leave my office job (the money and the experience do count) but I have been thinking of ways to motivate myself to try out all my dreams. Now some of these dreams are really big: becoming an entrepreneur, starting my own NGO, travelling around the world etc while others are things which I can start right away: improve my writing skills, improve my speech, learn some foreign language, become a better freelancer and so on. Thus, I have decided to stop wasting my time and start working on something. The first challenge is to write something on a daily basis. I am going to have a pretty busy summer ahead of me as  I am planning to join the shodh yatra in Tripura, visit Europe with my family, attend Vipassana meditation and so on. However, I have decided that I will write one blog post a day for the next 60 days. The topics can be anything which catches my fancy and I suspect, not many of you will be interested in reading them.

However, the point of this exercise is for me to become a better writer and the point of this blog post is to declare my intention to the open world. Even if nothing, my head will remind of the invisible reader, sitting in his room and snickering at my failure. Hopefully, that will make me get up off my lazy ass.What if I fail to write one blog post a day? I think the list of punishments can be the subject of my tomorrow’s blog post.

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