[Summer resolution] List of articles read each day

Some of you might have read my previous post wherein I mentioned that I will be passing out of college soon and that this thought has filled me with a lot of anxiety. You know what my childhood dream was? It was to be the richest, coolest and smartest kid around the block. I didn’t really want to go to IIT or have my own startup, I just wanted to be better than the people who did these things. In my dreams, I could own a multi-million dollar company, have a six-pack body and be the life of every party every thrown. I could be an amazing orator, prolific writer and the envy of everyone around me. Alas, real life had different plans.

I enrolled in an engineering college, spent a pretty standard four years and had a lot of fun. But the dream ride is about to end and my childhood dreams are coming back to me, angry and vengeful. I am filled with thoughts about ‘things I could have done better’ or ‘daily habits I could’ve inculcated’ which would have made me successful. Anyways, to tackle all these ideas I have come up with a grand Summer of 2015 masterplan. I am going to spend the coming days doing amazing things and meeting amazing people.

Don’t worry, I am not going to reveal the entire plan to you right away, lest I fail at some parts of it and give you a chance to snicker. I am going to post about each thing as and when I do it. I am going to post about some of the things I plan to learn over the summer and some of the habits I will try to inculcate over the coming days. The first of these habits is writing a blog post daily.

The second one (*drum rolls*) is reading on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I already read a lot of blogs and articles on a daily basis. But somehow, all of it just washes over me and I retain very little knowledge about any of it. To counter this trend, I am planning to add links to all the good articles I read each day below my that day’s blog post. This will serve as a log of the various things I am surfing on the internet. The articles will not belong to any specific genre or niche but they will be things which you might find interesting.

So starting today, all my blog posts will have a section like below. Feel free to ignore them if you wish.

Read Articles

  • Life is Like a Box of  Funfetti: A very well written article about life and living it on your own terms. Some people like living a traditional life, others love being different. This is an article by a non-conformist speaking about his views on life and living it non conventionally.
  • Polyamory:An interesting article in the Guardian about the practice of Polyamory (i.e. non-monogamy with the consent of everyone involved). It is written by a woman who has been in such relationships over the years and also includes stories from five different kinds of polyamorous people.
  • The cult of work you never meant to join: An article which talks about modern day jobs and how they are sucking away your intellectual and creative abilities. The author is a digital nomad and a techie who managed to redefine his priorities and ended up increasing the quality of his life. Some pretty good advice there for people looking for motivation to quit their daily jobs and start following their dreams.

So that’s it for today! I will be back with more tomorrow.

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