Mastering Django – A Roadmap

I have decided to learn Django over the coming months (the deadline to learn it is one month really). Incase, you didn’t read my previous post, I was confused between choosing WordPress or Django as the framework to learn. After researching and reading several interesting articles (see the reading list), I have decided to learn Django as it will

  • Give me more control over my website.
  • Let me use a functional and OOP language such as python.
  • Become a better python developer (practice makes perfect right?).

Having decided to learn Django, I set myself the task of finding out resources and creating a plan to learn Django as soon as possible. After spending some time searching for Django resources the following is the list of projects I will create and the order in which I will do so. The idea is to learn the language in a guided manner initially and then branch.

There is also the Tango with Django tutorial which I would really like to finish but since it isn’t updated for Django 1.8, I am not sure when should I tackle it. I can of course install two different versions of Django and finish each project, but I will leave that decision till later.

So my aim for today is to finish the first and (finger’s crossed) the second application. Will keep you updated in case I manage to do it. Also, today’s reading list is derived exclusively from Paul Graham’s blog. Paul, as some of you might know, is the founder of Y-Combinator which is one of the best incubators in the world. I really loved a lot of his writing and thus, have decided to keep today’s section exclusively for him.

Reading list

  • Great hackers: One of the best articles I have read on the internet till date. Would recommend it to anyone looking to make it big in the modern world.
  • What doesn’t seem like work? : An essay which focuses on trying to find out your skillset or calling in life. Another gem of a piece.
  • Maker’s schedule, Manager’s schedule : All that management work eating away your precious development time? Do you feel you no longer know the source code of your company as well as you would like? Read this guide to figure out how one the best programmer-managers in the world manages to do both.

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