The men I kill

I decided yesterday,
to be a new man today,
to be more active and happy,
and less pessimistic and snappy

A thought just struck me right then,
have I killed my own brethren?
Have I killed the man I would’ve become,
that good for nothing country bum?

You may laugh at the silliness of the thought,
but if you have the time, then please stop
and consider the number of murders you have done,
after all, our choices kill faster than any gun.

Every time I make a choice,
I kill one possibility of life
I honestly had never thought while taking a bite,
I am killing my future selves left and right.

Of course this question begets the thought,
am I really the best that I could’ve been?
Would the man who died, when I took that bite,
have been better off than the fellow who remains,
been happier maybe? Or maybe just more in the game.

Maybe this is why the author once said,
two roads diverged and I took the left one instead,
but I think he forgot to mention,
each decision is a new direction.

So eat that burger or go to the gym,
just be sure there are people dying within,
Listen to Darwin or your own heart,
you’re truly the creation of you own god.

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