A bucket full of sweat

I am guessing not many of you would’ve watched the movie, “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”. It’s a movie about an Indian athlete named Milkha Singh, who was one of the first Indians with a chance to win an olympic gold in track sports for our coutry. Milkha failed to achieve his dream but he won the respect of a lot of people all over our country. This movie depicts his journey from his childhood to the Rome Olympics, presenting (and to some extent glorifying) his trials and tribulations. Well, the movie was quite good but I am here to write about a particular scene in the movie which really appealed to me.

When Milkha decides he wants to break the world record for 400m running, he starts training for it. So, he spends long hours in the sun running, exercising and working out. At the regular intervals, he goes to the edge of the field, takes of his shirt, and squeezes all the sweat out of it into a bucket kept solely for that purpose. The coach explains that each day, Milkha trains until that bucket is filled with sweat and only then does he call it quits.

Now why did I like this scene? The scene showcases the athlete set an objective daily goal to achieve his long term plan. Isn’t this what all patrons of productivity preach? Aspiring writers are recommended to try and write about 2000 words a day, aspiring developers are asked to read at least 1 new technology article a day.

All of this is because setting objective goals prevents you from getting overwhelmed by the task at hand. Now you may have resolved to become the best writer in the world but do you really think you can beat the likes of Shakespeare or Stephen King? Can you pump out a 100k word novel right here right now? Most probably not. And this is the same case with all of us.

This is why, its recommended to set and achieve smaller goals. If you want to create a fictional story about an imaginary land, why not write daily scenes about that land? One post can be about how people live there, another about the kinds of food they eat, a third about their clothes and so on. Over time, who knows what these singular blog posts combined may lead upto? So why don’t we all go ahead and try to find our own buckets of sweat? Filling that bucket might not get you where you want to be but it will get you closer.

It helped Milkha achieve break the world record.


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