The world of wackadoos

So, I wrote yesterday about certain ideas people who are looking to improve their skills can implement (refer: A bucket full of sweat). One of them was for writers who are trying to create their own fictitious world/come up with an amazing storyline. The idea, in short, was to write a series of blogposts on some seemingly unrelated topic and then try and string these together in the form of a book. Now, I have no interest in writing  a book right now but I think the writing process itself will be a very good exercise for my brains. So to kickstart this exercise, today I am going to write a short description of my own imaginary world, the world of wackadoos.


When I first landed on the planet of wackadoo, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place had a very weird name and a lot of mystery surrounded its inhabitants. I had gone their to meet an old professor who had been living their for the last four years in an attempt to chronicle the history of the place. I had gone to write an article on him for my newspaper. When I landed on wackadoo, I got my first glimpse of the wackadoodians. It’s one thing to read about the people of a planet and quite another to visit them. I had read about wackadoodians in my anatomy class and thus, could point out some common features in all of them but if you had asked me generalize the wackadoodians then and there, I would’ve found it very tough to do. All of them had two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one nose and one mouth. They would walk with their legs and eat with their mouths. However, many other features varied between them. Some of them were larger, some had hair, some looked young, others looked old. A few were running about here and there, others were sitting down or standing with the help of sticks. I wasn’t sure where to go and started looking around for someone who could help me. Up ahead, I saw wackadood wearing a navy blue dress staring at me. I walked up to him and said hi. Written below, is what I remember of the conversation.

“Hi, you seem to be new here”, he replied.

“Yes, I am actually looking for my professor who came here 4 years ago, to study your planet. His name is Carl”.

“Carl! Ohh right. Why he’s famous all over our planet. He was actually the first evidence of other planetary life we all ever saw”.

“What do you mean ‘we all’?”

“Don’t you know? Well how can you be expected to. We, wackadoodians, have a very peculiar affliction. None of us can see all of us. A wackadoodian can only see about 150 people clearly over his entire lifetime which means that by the time an infant grows up he can only see vague outlines of other people. Our people can communicate with each other but they can’t see each other”

“Wow! Has anyone tried to study this affliction? Isn’t there any cure?”

“Indeed, in fact a world wide study is ongoing to find a cure. Our best scientists are trying to cure the problem but they handicapped by the small number of samples they get.”

“Why is the number of samples so small? I would’ve imagined the entire population would’ve been wiling to volunteer.”

“Ohh, we have no problem on the home front. As you correctly guessed, all of our population is ready to be a part of the study. The wackadood who is first able to free himself of this curse will gain a huge advantage over all others. So, to counter this problem, we democratically decided to implement a one on one principle”

“What exactly is the one on one principle?”

“Ohh it means that the wackadood who brings in a foreign national with perfect eyesight will be the one eligible for the treatment”.

Until now, I had been too engrossed in the conversation to really see where we were going. On hearing this words, I felt an uneasy pit inside my stomach. So I looked at my surroundings more carefully. He had walked me to a much quiter place. There was a door in front of us, that read “Visa and Departure center, Wackadoo”. My heart skipped several beats when I saw two wackadoodians walk towards us. They didn’t seem to armed but looked plenty dangerous anyhow. I tried to turn around and walk but the navy blue guy caught my arm.

“I thought you wanted to meet your professor! I am taking you there directly. Don’t worry you will meet him soon”

“I don’t want to be the part of some weird experiment. Please, I just came here to see my professor and leave. Just let me go.”

“Well, your professor has spent the last four years in our facilities, I am sure he would appreciate your company. Don’t go away”

And this is when I pushed him away and tried to run. But before I could move but two steps, the other two wackadoodes had caught me. They pulled me back inside the room and all my shouting and thrashing didn’t help me.


This is my first post about the world of wackadoos. There’s a story coming up soon (I don’t know exactly what yet) but I you have any suggestions and/or comments, I would be glad to hear them.

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