A decisive world

Have you ever wondered about the number of decisions we have to make each and every day? Every morning we have to decide when to wake up, what to eat, what to wear, whether to take the car/bus/auto/walk, whom to talk, what task to do, where to have lunch, etc, etc. Whether to continue living or not is another decision we all make on a daily basis. Just thinking about all these decisions gives me a headache.

And this is why we are always looking for people/things which can make it easier for us to decide. Ohh, why bother checking out the specifications of different laptops when I know Apple has the best ones. Why try out a different brand of noodles when maggi has always been my favorite. Truth is we all don’t seek guidance as much as we seek peace of mind. We love websites that give us a hundred different options and then subtly tell us which product to choose. This subtle prodding might be in the form of better reviews, home page listing, attractive photos, ‘recommendations, etc. We can shout loudly for privacy but all of us pay attention to the recommendations tab when we visit websites.

Numerous scientists have studied this thing called ‘cognitive load’ which is produced by making such decisions. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt to office each day to reduce this load. It’s really one less decision for him to make. This is why many successful people are incredibly accommodating about a large number of things. They don’t care what place they stay at, what do they eat, how they dress, the mode of their transport etc. They are much more concerned about their skill and passion and this is where they spent most of their decisive strength.

We can’t be masters of every domain but to master any domain we have to reduce the amount of effort we spend in other domains. You really can’t be doing a hundred things at once, so choose your battles carefully. This world gives you a hundred options and at each step, you need to make a decision, after all, we live in a decisive world.


I wrote the above part after getting a headache from having to select a new postpaid plan for my sim card. There are a hundred different options out there and I can’t seem to come up with the right now. Made me look for sites that could assist me in this comparison and this thought gave birth to the above article.

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