A mindless rant (2.0)

I think this is the second time I am venting out online. You see its been quite sometime since I have written anything anywhere (emails don’t count). I am sitting in office and I really really don’t feel like doing anything. I came in full of energy but somehow, when I opened my laptop I just didn’t feel like doing anything at all. There might a variety of reasons for it but anyways. This post will be my attempt at recharging myself.

Recently, I have started reading Medium quite religiously. I finish every article in their daily updates mail (mostly regarding productivity, self-help, blah blah as these are the topics I have followed online). Several articles talk about following a good morning routine, meditating daily, exercising, sleeping etc etc. Reading these makes me feel pumped and I often make personal resolutions to follow my own routine. however, night happens and I end up getting very late.Thus, the morning routine goes for a toss.

A lot of these articles talk about the importance of writing daily. Well I have been trying to do that haven’t I? Someone said that he writes about 700 words daily into his personal journal and doesn’t post it anywhere. Thinking along those lines, this is my personal journal only (right?). I don’t expect people to read any of what I write. This writing is done solely for my own purpose ( I am selfish that way). The idea behind posting it out is to make myself accountable to a third party anon who follows my progress, snickers at my mistakes and judges me for slipping up.

have you heard of James Altucher? He writes daily about motivation, startups, inspiration blah blah. I followed his newsletter for a while and loved some of them (he has written some reaaally good articles). But over time his content became reptetitive (remove idea sex and claudia from his articles and I think half of his articles would become unreadable). 

But you know something? Judging him makes me feel like a fraud. I know you’re judging me for passing judgement on someone who has actually managed to make something of his life (this could be a personal marketing tactic if I was really interested in getting to know altucher). But even apart from, my perceived judgement of your judgement of me, I think I am judging myself.

I read Harry potter and the methods of rationality yesterday. Well, I read only one chapter. The idea behind the book seems really good and I plan to finish it over the coming months. ofcourse, this will happen after I have finished the Rich Dad series, ran the full marathon, started a startup, finished my freelancer task, travelled a couple more cities etc. 

I don’t like watching the news. All they seem to talk about is murder, rape, corruption, blah, blah. I mean there has to be something good going on in this world right? And I am not talking about updates on the latest Godman. Can’t these normal news channels at least start the day with a bunch of happy/pleasing news articles? Talk about the startup that got funded, about the soldier who saved someone’s life, about the latest advances of science. But no. They will talk about deaths, bankrupticies, dying economy etc. This is why I have stopped reading/listening to the news.

Reading the above paragraphs, I am reminded of something my english teacher told me once. 

All good essays, blogs, paragraphs etc must have one thing. Flow.

I am pretty sure my teachers will be scandalized by the lack of flow in these rants. Indeed, I think my writing is more haphazard than a drunk walking on ice. Anyways, This is all for today. I feel good after having bitched, whined, and cracked a joke. So I will just get back to work.

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