Where are the indian superheroes?

Today, I saw the trailer of Captain America – Civil War. Watching this trailer (which is amazing), reminded me of the Batman v Superman trailer, so I saw that too. Then I read somewhere that the Captain America trailer also features the Black Panther. And I had no idea who Black Panther was.

So, I looked up black panther online and read the wiki page. This page pushed me to read about the New Avengers, The Dark avengers, XYZ, ABC and so on. Until, my head started aching with all this complexity and I had to stop.

Why did my headache? Because I was trying to understand an entire world in one sitting. World, yes you read that word right. The Marvel universe is exactly that. A long series of interconnecting stories, each of which would make little sense on its own (superhero contracts, really?) but which tie up together to make a lot of sense. No wonder, american superheroes are known all over the world and kids of every age recognize Batman and Ironman.

But all of this, made me question one thing. Where are the indian superheroes? A nation as big as India doesn’t have a single superhero worth boasting about! The success of movies such as Krish show that there is a big market for superheroes here but somehow no one has really been able to capture that market. Raj Comics held sway for a long time with Supercommando Dhruv and Nagaraj but somehow, they haven’t been able to convert this success in the digital and movie formats. Dhruv and Nagaraj are still just that, comic strips.

Makes me wonder about who will be able to capture this market opportunity. Indian kids need someone to look upto, and Dhruv (according to me) is infinitely more relatable than Batman (admittedly no where near as cool though).

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