Daily Quotes

Finding your true fans

How tough is it for an artist to become a celebrity? Very very tough.

But how tough is it to find 1000 people willing to buy your content? Not too tough eh? That’s exactly what Kevin Kelly talks about in this great article.

He has a very valuable point here. In the modern era its much easier to make your living as an artist (not the emphasis on living). You will have to work much harder to attain true stardom but if you’re producing good content you will surely be able to survive (until the day inspiration strikes and you rise like the phoenix).

The trick is to know how to attract, retain and monetize these followers. There are many possible approaches that I can think of : Targeting your content towards a dedicated niche (the smaller and uniquer the niche, the better), Engaging your readers with regular comments, giving away freebies or attractive offers etc. In essence, you need to offer enough value to some people so that they can fund the platform which you need to reach the thousands of others.

Thanks to Kickstarter and other such crowd funding websites, it isn’t so hard to become an artist nowadays is it?

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