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Fighting a Lack of energy

All of us have bad days. There are plenty of days and times when I just don’t feel like getting out of bed or going to the gym. There are hundreds of ways in which my minds tries to convince me to ‘not do something’.

Remember that day when you could’ve taken a break but you didn’t? Now’s the time to utilize that break.

We’ve been at this thing for 2 weeks now! No new followers, no weight loss and lots of tiredness. How about we rest it out today and think that decision through?

Funny thought it might seem in writing. These arguments are highly persuasive right before you start the task. When motivation leaves, this is what stays.

So how should we counter this? I don’t know to be honest. My approach is to tell myself that I will finish 50% of the task and then stop. I repeatedly tell myself this until I can finally muster up the courage to start the activity. Then depending on how I feel, I either stop at 50% or finish it up to 100%.

Of course, this break can’t be allowed to happen two days in a row. If you start feeling so continuously, take sometime out to meditate and reflect on your daily routine. Often, small changes in routine can lead to big differences in your outlook and energy levels.

Give it a try. And let me know whatever you find.

2 thoughts on “Fighting a Lack of energy

  1. I like that you are examining your thoughts on those days where your motivation is low. Keep looking at where those thoughts come from. Yes, it is completely normal and acceptable to take a break once in awhile. Otherwise, watch out for those thoughts and see if you can get to their source. Try to change them there. I also like your acceptable minimum. Your doing 50% as good enough is better than doing zero.

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