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Improving my writing skills

I’ve been writing on and off for quite sometime now. Whether it be this blog, my personal journal, emails or just simple conversations, I’ve felt that my expresiveness and capabilities have improved over the last few years. And yet, the improvements have been incremental at best.

I still get confused about the manner in which to present my ideas. Most of my sentences are too long or too short. Whenever I start to write on a complex topic, I get stuck and give up. In short, my skills as a writer and communicator have a long long way to go.

In this latest edition of me and the blog (our fifth time together, I think), I am planning to be a bit more faithful and progressive. I am going to note down my thoughts and feelings on various different topics and also use this blog as more than just an impersonal catalogue.

To celebrate the occassion of our getting back together, me and the blog would like to present some tips we’ve picked up over the past few years about improving our writing.

  • Good writing follows good reading – Please go and read others who are way better than you (and me) in the art of writing. No, don’t read buzzfeed and firstory articles. Read blogs written by authors (Stephen King, John Scalzi), read articles published in quality newspapers (NYT, The Hindu), compare that with the stuff you’ve written in the past.
  • Keep your sentences short and clean – Unnecessarily long sentences that are complicated to read and have too many conjuctions (and, but, etc), often confuse the reader who looses track of what is being said and why. Try to avoid adverbs: He was hurt very badly vs He was hurt terribly.
  • Practice like their is no tomorrow and don’t miss any opportunity to show off your writing flair – As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Don’t WrIte Ur Emails lyk dis if you plan to become a better writer someday.
  • Get feedback –Admittedly, the past I struggle the most with. It’s not easy to put myself out there in front of the people I know. A lot of my writings are personal and won’t really be useful to anybody else except me. Still, getting read and getting feedback will help me improve.

And with that relatively generic and common sense list, me and the blog say thank you for the night. We will be back again with more senseless crap and self-help shit that doesn’t work.


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