Resolutions on Productivity

2016 is coming to an end. It has been an eventful year, in which I’ve learned a lot of things, wasted a lot of time and finished some new projects. I’ve also managed to read a lot of books but thankfully, been able to avoid productivity porn.

Most of the below resolutions are things that I will (try to) keep in mind for 2017. At the end of the year, I will try to write a review of what all I actually managed to achieve.

  • A list of things I will stick to – After having spent whole months being distracted by seasonal interests (stock market investing, big data/ai), I am going to be a lot more skeptical about my interests. These are great fields to into but my main interests and prior commitments mean I won’t be able to really make much of an impact in them. So, for 2017 I’ve decided to limit myself to the following fields
    • Entrepreneurship -> Pure software only. I will expand on the reasons in some future blog post.
    • Rationality/Economics/History -> With an eye towards self improvement and becoming smarter.
    • Writing and Health -> As past times and general balance.
  • A promise to write about whatever I read/learn – Ever since I’ve started reading HN, a lot of my time has been spent reading about various parts of the computing stack, new technologies, general discussions etc. While it is a very good way of passing time and learning new things, I am often unable to recall the stuff I did read. Thus, I am going to make a habbit of posting about whatever it is that I am learning next. Whether it be tech/non-tech/random. I am hoping this will help me cement my knowledge and be more circumspect in picking up new topics to learn.
  • Travelling more – Not very high on my list (which is already too long), but I do plan to do a couple more solo trips this year and write about the experiences I had there. This will help me work on my writing and expand my awareness about the people around me.
  • Listening to podcasts – I don’t have a huge commute time (WFH baby!) but whenever I do happen to be going from one location to another, I will try to listen to something educational instead of wasting time on the latest shitty songs playing via radio.
  • Building an online reputation – One of the hardest things for me personally. I hate being seen as somebody who self-promotes and I know how little informed I am about most things in general. However, for what it’s worth, I am going to try and join/create a community of like minded people focused on entrepreneurship and growth.

Not a big list. But reading back, I see that I’ve managed to add almost all the things I ‘should’ do. Will need further pruning down *sigh*.  Will try doing so in my next blogging stint.

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