Things I learn

Smart Passive Income Podcast

As a part of my 2017 New year’s resolution, I’ve decided to pen down everything that I learn during the coming year. This will help me increase my retention and hopefully help somebody else looking to get started on these various topics.

So the number 1 thing, I am currently learning (alongside my office work) from is the Smart passive income podcast. This is a pretty old podcast (6 years or so) and has been hugely popular from the start. The host, Pat Flynn, is also the guy behind the Smart passive income blog.

My main reason for picking up this podcast is to expand my awareness about the various approaches one can create a self-sustaining business online. While stuff such as content marketing, affliate sales and niche websites aren’t very interesting to me, it does help being able to learn to judge them from a business perspective. I’ve just started listening and am only on the 15th episode till now but Pat has helped me grasp a couple of new concepts already. Some of them are listed below

  • Stuff such as niche marketing, keyword analysis and affliate sales can be used to make money online.
  • Ebook sales are another good way for bloggers and authors to make money while being to provide value.
  • One on one consulting (specially if you’re blog is something like pat’s i.e. teaches a skill people need) can be  quite a profitable, if non-scalable, way of making money.
  • Guest posts on websites such as, wisegeek etc can help direct more traffic to your own site (if you’re looking to increase sales)
  • Text links are said to work better while making affliate sales, when compared to say putting up images of the object. Maybe because people consider the latter to be more spammy.
  • Like any other skill in the world, content marketing is not an easy task. Specially if you’re trying to game the SEO system and rank 1 for particular keywords. Being able to provide proper information and helping people is better in the long run. (of course on a strict hours-to-cash ROI, spammy sites might make way more money until they’re caught and banned).

I like the podcast till now. It’s content is a bit reptetive but that’s to be expected. Even though I can never get myself to fully trust money-making guru’s (whose own business model is selling that advice to you), I will try to finish the podcast just to see what all I can learn from it. Will try to write a post with the results and/or an update midway.

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